DreamTime is an application that allows you to easily create fake nudes from a photo using artificial intelligence.

The user interface has been created from scratch and is far superior to DeepNude UI. DreamTime also uses an improved version of the DeepNude algorithm that generates better fake nudes.

DreamTime is free and open-source.


DreamTimeDeepNude UI
Folder uploadโœ”๏ธโŒ
Instagram uploadโœ”๏ธโŒ
Web uploadโœ”๏ธโŒ
Queue Systemโœ”๏ธโŒ
Easy Cropโœ”๏ธโŒ
Photo Editorโœ”๏ธโŒ
Custom Masksโœ”๏ธโŒ
Automatic Updatesโœ”๏ธโŒ


A friendly, modern and much more stable design than DeepNude will welcome you to create nudes without stopping.


Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Install it or take it everywhere with the portable version.

Folder upload

Uploading photo by photo is tiring.

With DreamTime you can put all the photos you want in a folder and use it, all the photos will start to be nudified one by one automatically.

Web upload

Is your photo on the web? Enter the web address and DreamTime will take care of extracting it for you, it also works with public Instagram photos.

Queue System

With the Queue system you can have hundreds of photos automatically nudified one by one.

DreamTime could work for you at night to deliver the results in the morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Customize the application to your like, includes body preferences, notifications, processing and more. Everything is saved automatically.

Easy Crop

Move, drag, create. Photo crop is a much easier task.

Photo Editor

Includes a basic photo editor that will allow you to touch up your photos for the best results.

Custom Masks

The advanced mode also known as "Custom masks" allows you to view and edit each step (mask) performed by the algorithm for the nudification, with some time and practice you can create custom masks that give better results than the automatic algorithm process.


DreamTime hides some fun secrets, can you find them? ๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŽฎ

Automatic Updates

DreamTime will notify you when there is an update and with one click you can install the latest version.


DreamTime uses the help of its sister project DreamPower, an improved algorithm that offers more features!